We need a team, said Ede Minarik, and the other two foundation members thought the same when they founded the PR consulting agency named VM.komm.

We need a team, thought all who honoured us with their confidence through the years: small and big clients, medical experts, colleagues, partners, publicists and friends.

We need something DIFFERENT. All with capital letters. Something unique, comfortable, effective, personalized, inexpensive, bright, prestigious, memorable, unrepeatable, newsworthy, short, long, creative, extraordinary, innovative, progressive, reminiscent, tradition-builder, strengthen internal togetherness, unconventional, exceptional, trusty.

We can gladly report that there has been ANOTHER choice for eleven years!

If you would like to differentiate yourself from the others
If you would like to became traditional, but you don’t know the way
If you would like to simply be on TV
If you also think a team is needed

We always have an even better idea for that!

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