The person responsible for the proper handling of personal data: V.M.komm Kft. (head office: 1136, Budapest Pannónia u. 4.; company registration number: 01-09-725946; represented by: managing director Ákos Nagy). The company keeps a record of the data management activities carried out under its responsibility.

Designated data protection officer: Petra Beliczai. Contact details of the designated data protection officer: Post: VM.kom Kft., Beliczai Petra – 1135 Budapest, Pannónia u. 4. Tel.: +36-1-350-6951, +36-1-270-2856 E-mail:

1. The provision of data during the programs takes place on a voluntary basis, by reading and understanding the Data Management Information Sheet that enables joining the given program, as well as by filling out and signing the Data Management Consent, of the Data Provider's free will, on the basis of express written consent.

2. The Data Controller only manages and records the Data Provider's data in a manner to which the Data Provider, knowing the relevant data management information, has expressly consented in the Data Management Consent.

3. The Data Controller keeps the personal data of individual Data Providers separate from its data processing for other purposes, and connection with data processing for other purposes cannot occur under any circumstances.

4. Making the personal data of individual Informants accessible to third parties by the Organizers is expressly prohibited.
5. In addition to this information, the Data Provider has the right to request information about the data managed within the Program organized by the Data Controller, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the name, address (headquarters) of any data processor and the activities related to the data processing, as well as who receives it and for what purpose or received the data of the Data Provider.

6. At any time, the Data Provider has the right to revoke the authorization granted to process his personal data, to request the termination of data management. In the latter case, the Data Manager deletes all data relating to the Data Provider from its database and acts as if the Data Provider had not given his consent to the data management.

7. To withdraw the authorization given for the processing of personal data, to request the termination of data processing to the following postal address: V.M.komm Kft. (1136 Budapest Pannónia u. 4.) or it can be by means of a statement sent to the e-mail address.

8. On the working day following the receipt by VM.komm Kft. of the shipment containing the cancellation request, the data of the Data Controllers will be permanently deleted from the database.

9. The Data Manager protects the data it manages, especially against unauthorized access, change, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, as well as against accidental destruction and damage.